Sunday, October 13, 2013

A New Week.

It's Sunday, a new week and I am looking forward to having a few days at home so I can catch up with things.  Inside and out!  Well, I think there will be 2 full days as the third will be filled with stress and excitement.  Yes, Yes it will.  The third day I will be driving my daughter up to Perth as she has another visit to the hospital.  It's a straight forward drive but on the freeway and I have cried in a car on that freeway...once or twice. And I wasn't even driving!! haha.  This time though I will be driving and kinda looking forward to it.  I'm getting sick of being such a SookyLaLa that I don't do anything.  Having to do this will be good for me.  Yes, yes it will!  I *think* I know the way but if we get lost there will be people to ask for directions.  No good looking at a roadmap as they all seem to be printed upside down and this daughter is worse than me with directions but  do hope she has some idea.  Should be fun!  I am going to try and not think about it though until I am nearly there.

We had our annual agricultural show in town yesterday.  I don't usually go but this year I volunteered me and the daughter to help out on the gates.  We used to do this every year when the kids were at school, it is a fund-raiser for them, and it was always fun.  This year was fun too and my maths got a workout so bonus.  How much change do you need to pay $8 and you give me $50...In the end I was just counting money but had no idea of amounts.  You know $8, ok grab a $2 coin that's 10, and 2 x $20's.  Oops, no $20's left how many 10's do I need...all good and no-one was short changed.  I went into the show afterwards as grandaughter had entered some things and I wanted to see them.  I used to be a steward at this show, many years ago and found it interesting listening the judges make comments on why some things won and what was wrong with others.  Yesterday though, some of the winning entrants did not look, to me, up to first place standards and I did wonder why they won and not the better looking item.   In one catagory there was 1 cake.  That's it.  It came second.  I think I remember hearing, years ago,  that if an item wasn't up to standard then they couldn't give it first prize but how can the only thing entered not get first?  Seemed strange and unfair.

I used to enter things too, many years seems I did a lot, many years ago...I need to get into it all again.  Next year the 3 of us are going to enter a few things each.  For instance, my Oranges looked as good as the winners there, better than one lot. I have Lemons and garden produce, I can make things...daughter can bake better looking stuff than a lot there and grandaughter had fun seeing her things on display.  Next year, all the stress and cruddy stuff happening this year will be over and done with and we will all have fun, making, baking, and showing.

Roosters crowing, telling me I need to get off this thing and make a start on things.  I don't like being told what to do but this time I think I should listen to him...Breakfast first though.

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