Monday, September 9, 2013

I Want It Back....

So I have been decluttering, getting rid of stuff...some to FreeMarkets, some to the op-shop...This morning I was folding hankies and wondering how many was too many, how and where to store them in a tidy way when I had a lightbulb moment and thought they'd go perfectly into a little bag I had. They would all fit nicely into that and then easiy be tucked in the drawer, quick to get to and no rummaging around amongst my knickers to find a hanky. Perfect! So I go to get this little bag, this perfect for this job bag...and remember that I took it down to Vinnies last week. So I wait and see if it is still there then buy it back? Wait and see if I find something else? Where do I put all my hankies until then...Oh the problems of a wannabe tidy and organised person. HoHum, I will just shove 'em in the overfull drawer and wait and see...


  1. Seeee! If I ever get rid of something, I need it the next week. No, I don't sit around keeping everything I ever owned, but it is just the way things happen with me.

    I would go buy it back. Or, if you have something better, and since you volunteer there, I would see if they would take another item in trade since you accidentally got the bag in the wrong stack.

  2. Sew a bag and use up some material or old clothes you have :-)

  3. I found something else to use so no need for extra sewing or any buying back. Win all round I reckon.