Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why am I so slack lately with posting here.  Maybe because I am so busy out there *doing* that I just haven't the time...I wish!  No, it's my usual reason, I'm too lazy and just can't be fagged.  I'm pretty sure I have been busy though...I just can seem to see any results from it.  Most of the gardens have been trimmed, weeded, cleaned up but they are still messy looking, not at all like I see other peoples.  The grass needs mowing again but I think I will get on top of that by next week.  If I don't start the painting that I want to get done.    The inside...well lets not go there, that will never be the way I want it to be, again, because I am too lazy.  And too tight to spend money on getting it fixed up so it would be easier to tidy and clean.  Choices.  Sometimes the choices I make aren't the best for how I think I want things to be...But they work for how things are.

I have had heaps of cucumbers and zuchinnis this month.  I have blended a lot of the zukes with capsicum, onion and chilli and frozen it for soups during Winter.  A batch of Bread and Butter Pickles has been made though I am one jar down.  And after 3 washes there are still sticky bits on the floor.  I like the idea of using glass jars and getting rid of all my plastics but when this happens I wonder why I didn't use the Peanut Paste jars instead.

I have powdery mildew on some of the zuchinnis and have pulled up a couple of too sick cucumber plants because of it but after cutting off the worse looking leaves and giving everything a dose of Molassas they have started fruiting again.  Hubby wonders why I bothered, he says I should have pulled them all up.  Ha, not likely fella, you will eat them again.

Speaking of husband.  He is still working in the area so I am still needing to make lunch for him every day and have a halfway decent cooked meal for him at night.  This good wifey thing is hard work.  Last night he brought back some *scrapings*  If I get around to doing them myself I will write about them.  It is the wax that has been scraped from the hives.  I need to strain it to get the honey out, smoosh it down and strain it again and then somehow get the wax seperated and cleaned.    I was hoping to do that today but haven't started yet so will ask for instructions again tonight and do it early tomorrow before the bees start hanging around.  I need to get used to the bees though as I have been given a hive from the bloke up the road.  It is chokkers so Husband will pick it up for me but I need to get a spot ready to put it and learn how to look after it myself.  Doesn't seem right when he is the beekepper but that's how it is.  Again, have I made the right choice or should I have said no to it.  I will give it a go, I think it will be cool to eat honey I have done everything myself for.  

I came in for lunch, didn't realise it was so late so will have something then a coffee then back out for some mowing and more weeding and mulching before I call it a day and have a shower and start inside.  



  1. What is it with men and their lack of appreciation for vegetables? :)

  2. You are so right about the difficulty of having the decent lunch and dinner every day.

    The other day, I made a list of things to do. At one point I realized I had done something that was list-worthy. So, after the fact I added the chore to the list and immediately marked it off. That way, I could look back and justify my time spent that day. Maybe if you left a small but not to small notepad on the counter or someplace out in the open and wrote down what you did as you went along, you would appreciate what you HAD done.

    Or, you could make a list of chores that needed doing, checking them off each day, transferring the remaining ones for the next day and adding new ones as you think of them. Yes, lunch and dinner go on the list! I know I look back at my day, exhausted, and wonder what I accomplished that day.

    It is exciting you will get bees. I cannot wait for pictures and news.