Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Killed Them Both.

I walked early this morning and after breakfast was still feeling in a *get out there and do it* mood so got he whippersnipper out again.  It wouldn't start so I filled it up with what I think is the right fuel...did a bit but then ran out of stringline stuff.  My hands aren't working well enough to reline it so I decided to mow instead.  There is still heaps of that to do and I wanted a path into the shade area lower than the foot and a half grass everywhere else...Did the path bit and started on some of the foot and a half grass...Not long afterwards there was a bang, another bang, some smoke...I turned the mower off and can see that *something* has come apart.  HoHum, back away with that too.

So I have come in for a coffee before I start clearing out the chook sheds and getting half of the big tank garden ready for some plants.  The snakes will have somewhere to hide until
A.  My hands work better.
B. The son or daughter come out and reline the WS. or
C.  Husband gets home and fixes the mower or relines the whippersnipper for me....

Mostly being a useless old tart has it's dawbacks but really, the gardens do need to be done, stuff does need to be planted so this is probably a good thing.  It will get me doing what needs doing most first and the mowing will get done...another day.

1 comment:

  1. "Useless old tart" LOLOL I think I will have that put on my tombstone.

    I have to figure out your AU terms for things. I think "whippersnapper" is one of the funniest words ever for our "oh so sensible" term for the same thing...."weedeater." Then, I look at our word long enough and it looks silly, too.

    Does the word "weedeater" seem funny to you in AU?

    We would say,"That whippersnapper cut me off in traffic." Or, "That whippersnapper talked back to me."

    Whippernsnapper is young, impudent, impertinent person. So, the first time I ever read whippersnapper on your posts, I had to regroup my brain cells.