Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Buy Food Rules.

I need to go into town today and while there I need to buy Coke.  Yep, need to!  In thinking about our challenge though I think I should let you all know that we are not perfect and it is more my wanting to do this than the husband.  He agreed I think more to shut me up knowing that he wasn't going to be here much and wouldn't be subjected to some of the queer meals that will be going.  When I say that I am having soup for breakfast he looks at me as if I am strange.

But anyway...his crap stuff can in no way be called food so he is keeping it in.  That will be bottles of coke only though, I wont be buying any snacking types of food for him but he will be buying takeaways while travelling in the truck.  The only thing he expects of me while he is away is to put a bottle of coke in the fridge so it is cold and ready for him when he gets really, it's a no-brainer, he will get the Coke bought and fridged and I won't have any great wifey expectations thrown at me because I didn't.
Win Win.


  1. LOl...well, you two have it all worked out. Soup for breakfast sounds good.

    A friend was coming by early before she had to open her antique shop, I offered her some of my breakfast I ate from a bowl as we walked in the house from room to room. She declned food and asked what I was eating--field peas. She said her husband and I could eat strange things early in the morning.

    If I want beans for breakfast, that is what I want!

    The one thing that can irk me most is drinking my last coke or eating my last banana...okay, that is two.

  2. Lol... The last paragraph about the wifey expectations cracked me up!