Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Been Away.

I've been away for a few days but am now home.  Had the daughter come out and lock the chooks up for me so they are all still here.  The grass has grown so much in the 5 days and I now need to start again to get it back under control.  All the gardens look OK.  I'm not home much over the next 2 days but am looking forward to getting out there over the weekend and seeing what's what.

Came home to a lovely tidy and clean house, big thanks to T for that.  AND a great tea.  She had been very busy, the meal was fantastic and we have enough left for my work lunches and tomorrows meal. 

Looks like the Slaters have had a feast so I need to deal with them.   We have a fridge full of eggs.  I need to sort them out and get more in the freezer.  Plenty of weeds to be pulled.

 Tidying up again as daughter had to deal with a snake...Only a small one but the chooks were pecking at it and then she lost sight of it in the weeds and long grass...Then she sees it again...I need the grass short and stuff put away so we can see where they go.

So much to do and I have the van back now and want to go awandering as well.  I'm so glad I don't work full time, I have no idea how people manage that.


  1. Forgot to lock my gerls up last night. Thankfully no fox came avisiting.

  2. I'm glad for you too, it's horrible going out and finding that a fox has been.