Friday, October 14, 2011

On my Mind...Fox Proofing.

On my mind today is something that Rhonda Jean puts on every week and today Flippin' Foxs' is on my mind.  Not actually flipping them though I would like to flip them to the bottom of the river but fox proofing a pen is on my mind. As the pen in question has not had a problem with any fox before we thought that it was alright and safe.  But no...this fox has come up into the yard and dug up my garden and gotten in under the fence and killed 2 of my AussieRocks.  The chooks I get the fertile eggs from.

The bleedin' thing even dug up my Jerusalem Artichokes and I was already starting to worry about those not growing.

Maybe I thought they wouldn't come in this way because we are in the area throughout the day so our people smell would be around, dogs run around this area, it's close to the house...All reasons that mean jack!
I probably made it easier for them as I cleared an area to plant the JA so it is soft plant free area...

So today we will be digging trenches and burying tin to try and stop them digging under again.

I have such a long list of other stuff that I need to get done but that will all be put off until we get this pen sorted.

I will also need to choose a few more chooks to put in with the rooster (*roosters?) as the lone definate chook that is left in there is looking a bit stressed.  As you would I supose if you see/hear your friends getting attacked...

* roosters?   I have 2 big birds in this pen.   One is definatly a rooster and always has been.  The has always been a big bird, part Plymouth Rock, but lately, after 2 years, it has started crowing so I do not know if it is a he or a she.  Maybe it doesn't know itself...


  1. OUCH!! so sorry to hear of your losses! (incidentally, I once watched a fox actually RUN down our road in broad daylight...reminded me of a jogger! I had to wonder if it was rabid.)

  2. Good for your getting some tin buried! I know that would be a relief for me. Dmarie, I was told there were coyotes in the street a block from me. Who knew? They were not jogging along and it was dark, still a surprise. Poor hen all alone with her attackers!

  3. We get the foxes in the vinyards and in town any time during the day....Have started planning my chook thinking of doing the bury the wire down the length of the pole....will be asking someone who knows just exactly which one to use....a fox got in next door and killed all their chooks...they have several cats and dogs but it worked out how to get in behind from next door....not good

  4. Great idea Barb. We have done this to our chook pen and have not had any chooks taken since...we just have to remember to lock them up at night :)

    To see our fox proofed pen:

    Good luck Barb, hope you out fox the foxes...

  5. Well that stinks! I hope you are able to get a barrier up so you don't loose more. Makes me think when we move to our ten acres I will plant thorn cactus around our coop.

  6. Even when I get a barrier, I will get some lion pee to sprinkle around!

  7. Sorry to hear about your fox attack. It's so sad when one chicken is left to be traumatised. So far - fingers crossed - the metal mesh we have dug around the edges and the double layer fence has protected them, but we've had a large feral cat visiting the last couple of nights. Foxes are so cunning, and despite what some people say, they can strike in daylight if the timing is right.

  8. Just a thought, it worked with a dog once. I "marked" the boundary where the dog insisted on being and he quit the spot. Just in case Practical parsimony wasn't teasing....its pretty easy to do if you are a man or have a husband!

  9. Mary, we started doing that out along the front fences and also got the kids to bring out bags of their dogs poo to spread. The foxes stopped coming, due to the smell or the end of the season...
    This fox has come in through the back and up close to the house, totally unexpected but Hubby has pee'd along the fenced too, thanks. No idea where to get lion pee from!

    No sign of them over the weekend.

    A friend is lending us a tried and true foxtrap he made. It will catch it alive and someone will then shoot it. The trap comes next week.