Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Food.

Another month of not buying any vegetables.
We are eating Brocilli, Peas, Chilli, Sweet Potato, Onions from last season,  Still have a Pumpkin from last season left.  Spinach, Choko, Lettuce, a few Tomatoes.  Capsicum.
For some reason I don't have any Cabbage growing but I was given 1 along with a pile of beans so that was a freebie that was well received.

We have been eating mostly Oranges this month but over the last week we have had a few Mandarins, 1 Pepino and Passionfruit.  The Passionfruit are falling off the vine but are still a bit sour so I'm hoping that they will ripen a bit and taste better than they do at the moment.

Finally it looks like we have beaten the crows and are getting eggs again.  The young AussieRocks have started laying, the old Isas are still laying, the newer Hylines...not many from them.

We still have a couple of roosters in the freezer, still have pork in the freezer.  Son brought out more close to use by date meat from his work.  Neighbour gave us a couple of packs of camel that he hunted himself.   So we haven't bought much meat at all during July.  Hubby bought some sausages that were on special as it's been a long time since he had any but thats all.  We still have fish in the freezer and Marron out the back when we want it.

I am starting to think about Spring plantings and am working on getting the bare gardens fed with manure and mulchy stuff.

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