Sunday, November 29, 2009

About us and this blog.

I have been wanting to start this all year and figure if I don't hurry up then it will be next year and I still won't have started. So here goes...
I live with my husband in the Peel Region of Western Australia, in a little house on 5 acres .
We'd like to be able to grow our food and not have to work too hard for too many years.
This blog will sometimes be about what we do to achieve that goal. Sometimes I might just have a whinge about things but not too often I hope. Other times it might be about stuff that we have done.
It might not be all that interesting but I do hope that if you do read it then you don't find it too boring. That would be sad. lol.
Mainly, it is a record of bits of our life.

It's the end of November 2009 and 5 months ago I challenged myself not to buy any vegetables during 2010. If we want to eat it then I have to grow it. I'm not doing too good. I haven't planted enough, lots of seedlings have been eaten by slaters and...I haven't planted enough.
We have basic salad stuff that will be ready, but I don't have much luck with carrots so they may be in short supply. Should be right for tomatoes but Hubby wants some now and they aren't ready yet.
Potatoes grow all year round and we bandicoot for them as we want them. Silverbeet is easy but we don't eat much of that so I have pulled most of it out and will stick with Spinach which is also easy to grow and I think we will always have that. Lucky we are basic eaters but I do need to get out there and get heaps more in.

We have chooks. One pen with a mixed breed but they are pretty and the hens go clucky so we will aways have chook to eat. Too many roosters so some of those need to go. Soon! We have a dozen Isas and we sometimes sell their eggs to help cover the cost of feed. And I have 6 little Australorps in a broody box in the bathroom and they are the start of my Australorp flock. We bought 2 dozen eggs but only 7 hatched. From these remaining 6 some will be roosters. It is going to take me a while to get this flock up and running. A daughter is also into chooks but lives in town so we have some of hers out here. She has Hamboughs and Aracaunas, a Campine rooster and some Isa Browns. Hence the too many roosters. But we are getting chickens from them and are starting to sell some so that will also help with the feed bill.
I will add photos when I work out how to and try and add something every few days but for now I better go and get something done.

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